A touch of Easter

Easter Decorations - DIY spraypainted branches with hanging eggs

With the beautiful weather we are having right now, I knew it was time to decorate for Easter and begin preparing for Spring.  I started with reusing my spray painted branches that I’ve been using since last Easter.  I used them in the Fall and Christmas time too.  I put rocks in the bottom of the vase and hung speckled eggs on the branches.  I placed everything on a spring runner and added the candlesticks that I used at Christmas.

Easter Decorations - Dining Room Centerpiece  Branches with hanging eggs

The next area that got a touch of Easter was our mantle.  My Mom gave me her ceramic Easter village a few years ago.  Last year I used it in the foyer, but I decided to try it on the mantle this year.  I’m not sure if it will stay there or not, but I like having some decorations in the living room.

Easter Decorations - Easter village on mantle -no lights

The nice part is there is an outlet on the mantle, so it is very easy to light it up and enjoy the glow.

Easter Decorations - Easter Village on Mantle

My craft room got a touch of Easter too on the floating shelves.  I already had gotten out some of my butterfly decorations when I took down the Christmas and Winter ones.  So, I just added the bunnies and egg.

Easter Decorations - Floating shelves in craft room with butterflies and bunnies

The final area that is ready for Easter is the foyer.  I had everything I used, other than I bought the little basket at a Church thrift shop on Saturday for 10 cents, and I created the Easter “art.”

Easter Decorations - Foyer table with DIY ar and eggs in baskets and vases

I even made use of our junk mail that I had shredded as the nest for the eggs.  This is the first I found somewhere for the little purple vase and purple candlesticks.  I’m not sure when or why I got them, but I must have known I would find a use for them some day.

Easter Decorations - Eggs in vase and candlesticks and purple thrifted vase

I made the Easter art using my Cricut.  If you are a Cricut user, it is the Celebrate with Flourish cartridge.  I realized it will come in handy for more than just scrapbooking our holiday memories. The vase of faux flowers normally sits on my desk, but I thought the touch of Spring flowers worked well with the other Easter decorations.  I used more shredded paper as filler in the basket, so that the eggs were popped to the top of the basket.

Easter Decorations - DIY Art using cricut - eggs in thrift basket - flowers in vase

Are you enjoying a taste of Spring weather where you are?  Have you decorated for Easter? What are your thoughts….should the Easter village stay on the mantle, or should I move it somewhere else?






Our Christmas House

Christmas - Puddy on porch with greenery in urns

Welcome to our Christmas House!  I’ve shared some pieces of projects around our house recently, but this is the complete tour of  our home at Christmastime with many pictures and few words. 

Christmas - Greens-magnolia-berries-urn-on-porch

I just stuff several types of greenery in the urns and added a few faux berries, but I think the real highlight are the magnolia branches in each pot.  This was the first year I’ve used them and I think it really adds to the overall composition.

Christmas - DIY Wreath on Door

The poinsettias are more burgundy than the picture shows, but you can get a pretty good idea of the overall look.

Christmas-Foyer table with tree and santa

Right inside the door, the foyer table is decorated with tree #1.  This tree is home to the more sentimental ornaments.

Christmas- Puddy with Tree with Red and Green Lights

I had a lot of difficulty getting a picture of our real tree lit, so I snapped this one of Puddy is his normal spot with the tree in the background.

Christmas-Real Tree in daylight

Same tree, just in daylight.

Christmas - Greens in Spraypainted vase-ornaments- wreath on mirror-foyer-tree-in-background

The living room coffee table, looking back to the foyer.

Christmas - Neutral Vignette with Santa trees and Nativity

A little vignette on the table in the odd corner of the living room.

Christmas-Ornaments in vase reflecting in mirror

Christmas - Fresh Greens lights and stockings on mantle

Christmas-Touches of Christmas in Powder Room

The powder room even has a little touch of Christmas.

Christmas - Craft Room Shelves

These are the shelves above my desk in my craft room.  They were the first part of the house to be decorated, since its one spot that is mainly just for me to enjoy.

Christmas - DIY Centerpieces-Sprayed Branches with snowflakes-poinsettias-and-candlesticks

I’m still using my spraypainted branches!  I just changed the vase filler and added some snowflakes.

Christmas - Ornaments in Glass on Buffet

I have quite a variety of ornaments, so they end up in any vessel I can find around the house.  These are on the buffet in our breakfast room.

Christmas -DIY Cork Board into Card Holder

This is my card display in our kitchen.  I used an old cork board and just wrapped fabric around it using staples to secure it on the back, and added Christmas roping secured with nail head trim on the front and staples on the back.  Above was with our first card that arrived.  Below, it is now overflowing with greetings from friends and family.

Christmas-DIY Card Holder full of cards

Christmas - Basement - Table and Side Table Decorated

Now, you are getting the tour of the basement decorations, starting with table and side table above.

Christmas - Basement Entertainment Center Shelves

The shelves get a whole new look for Christmas. 

Christmas-Basement Tree with Christmas Shelves and Angel

And, finally this is tree #3!  This tree has had two different looks this year.  It was decorated in pink for Keri’s baby shower, but I changed it to the blue decorations since then.  We’ve only had this tree for two Christmases, and I just love it.  It is so nice to be able to put it up early and leave it up for as long as we like.  I think it was up until February last year!

I hope you enjoyed the tour of our Christmas House.  Anyone else have three trees?  Do you decorate the whole house, or just certain rooms?

“New” Foyer Light

I was shopping and running errands Saturday and was doing quite well, so even though all my must-do stops were done, I made one more stop on the way home.  I stopped at the Stock Swap, which is a local consignment store.  They have a nice selection of furniture and home decor items.  I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, just looking.  I looked up and spotted this light. 

I took the above picture of it and sent it to Bob, asking if he thought it would work for either our foyer or hallway.  I also added the important part – it was half-price, so it was $32.50.  He called me and said it looks nice and was worth a try, and worse case scenario was that I could re-sell it.  I had been looking for different lights for our foyer and hallway for a while, just because they were the builder basic ones.  We bought a spec house and all the lighting had been installed, and fortunately most of it we liked.  I just do not like these lights – this was the current foyer light.  While it functions fine, it doesn’t have the welcoming look that I would prefer in the foyer.

When I got home, Bob had done some house cleaning and did not want anything sitting around.  So, we got right to work with installing the new light. 

The light had definitely never been previously installed.  The wire was all new and no chain links had been removed.  Of course, there was not instructions with it either.  We did some google and you tube searching, because when Bob removed the old light, this is what the wires looked like.

And, of course the new light did not have wire colors that matched.  It had a ground wire, and then what looked like 1 other wire, that looked more like a normal lamp cord.  We were able to determine from our searches that we just needed to separate that wire and strip the plastic off and then get to work connecting the wires.  This was much easier said then done.  It took quite a bit of trial and error.  And, just to note we shut off the power supply to the area prior to starting any of this work!!  Fortunately our errors were not in the wire connecting part, it was just in how we fed the wires through the lamp and ceiling connector that caused our trial and error delays.  Overall, it still did not take us too long, and now we have a nice new look for our foyer.

The new light creates a nice glow in the foyer too.

Anyone else with a recent unexpected project?  Or, any other good weekend shopping finds?  As I said, it was a successful day of thrift store and bargain shopping, so I will have some other upcoming projects to share.

Simple Fall Decorating

I really was trying to cling on to the last bits of Summer, but the weather is changing and it is almost officially Fall.  Plus, blogland has become filled with Fall decorating ideas, so I thought I should begin to decorate our house as well.  The leaves really haven’t started to change here yet, and I haven’t gone out searching for pumpkins and gourds yet….although I did pass a farm stand that was new to me in my work travels today, so I may have to go back there.  But, since nature has not helped me yet in my decorating, I started to work with what I already had.  I had picked up a few new to me Fall items at yard sales this summer, so I did have some different decor to work into what I have used in the past.

When I pulled out all my Fall decor and supplies, I found several picks that I had yet to do anything with.  So, I took the easiest route first and just put them under glass to see what I thought, and it worked for me. 

I added the leaf holding a candle, a recent yard sale find, and the large candleholder which I stole from my everyday decor in the basement. 

I knew I needed something else with height and none of my other Fall items were tall.  I remembered I had some Fall themed scrapbook paper that I had forever and never used, so I pulled that out and popped it into one of the random frames from my closet.   I added some ceramic pumpkins and called it a day….well, after I moved them all around several times and waited until this morning to decide that it would work for me.  Its not as beautiful and detailed as some Fall decorating I’ve seen, but its simple and seasonal, so I think our foyer now is ready for Fall.


I also worked on changing up the dining room table centerpiece as well. The centerpiece had been the same, for the most part since Easter!  Before Easter I had collected some willow branches on a walk during my lunch one day knowing that I wanted to spray paint them and put them in a vase.  I did just that, and then for Easter I hung colored eggs from the branches and put it between some candlesticks and on top of a colorful runner.  After Easter, all I did was remove the eggs and it stayed like that through the Summer. 

I decided to keep the same structure and just update it for Fall.  I pulled out our neutral tablerunner, took the branches and rocks out of the vase.  I replaced the rocks with corn and put the branches back in the vase.  Then, I used more of the picks I had on hand from yard sales and ripped them apart.  I used the leaves and acorns from the picks and their individual wires to hang them on the branches.  I added two painted craft pumpkins and swapped the white candlesticks for wooden ones to give me a simple Fall tablescape.

I did add a few other Fall touches to the house, but I’m sure I will add more once I can bring some pumpkins and gourds home.  Anyone else work with what they have to decorate for Fall this year?

The Lettered Cottage