DIY Diaper Invitation

The first DIY aspect of Keri’s baby shower was the invitations. 

Baby Shower - DIY Diaper Invitations

My older sister and I went to Michael’s to buy supplies for invitations.  She had a sample of a store bought invitation that she thought we could make ourselves.  It was a cute invitation in the shape of a diaper.  It appeared to be simple enough to replicate.  We found a stack of cardstock paper in the scrapbooking section.  The sheets were 8×8 and double-sided cute baby girl patterns.  It was very close to the overall size of the sample invitation, just a bit smaller.  The stack of papers was the only supply we had to buy.  I had everything else I needed in my supplies at home.  In order to get started, I needed to revise the template since our 8×8 paper was smaller than the sample.  I used plain paper and after just a few minor adjustments developed my sample template.

DIY Diaper Invitation - OutsideTemplate

DIY Diaper Invitation - Inside Template

I used the template as my guide to trace onto the printed paper and cut around the outside with regular scissors.  The next step was to use the scalloped edged scissors from my scrapbooking supplies.  The scalloped edges are from the top template.  I cut from the middle fold line up around the “flaps” and stopped right after the curve, where the flaps would then fold.  I did this on both sides.  I think in the picture below you can see where the fold lines are in relation to the scalloped edges a little easier than in the template.

DIY Diaper Invitation - Outside

Then, I used an exacto knife to cut the straight slices.   I didn’t draw  the lines for that, because they became hard to erase on the patterned paper, so I just used a straight-edge.  After that was complete, I folded as indicated and it was now the complete outside shape.  I did each step in an assembly line, so that I was using my regular scissors for a while, then the scalloped scissors and then the exacto knife.  I will admit that it did get a bit tedious.  Fortunately, the timing worked out for me and I was participating in Arts & Crafts day at my work, so I took all my supplies and got the majority of them made in one sitting. 

For the invitation wording, I used Word and selected a label template (Avery Standard, 5164 Shipping) to set up my document.  This made 6 sections per page, and they were the perfect size for the text.  After I created the text, I just printed them on plain paper and used scalloped scissors to cut them out.  Then, I used scrapbooking adhesive tape to secure the text to the cardstock.  Below is the inside (I blurred out certain aspects for privacy).

DIY Diaper Invitation - Inside

Please feel free to download and print the templates.  I hope they print out correctly.  These are the first templates I have made and blogged about, so if they don’t print correctly and you know how to fix that, just let me know and I will change it…as long as it is within my technical abilities. 🙂


DIY Baby Shower Favors

Since Christmas is over, I am trying to get back to some of the posts I promised before the craziness of the holidays!  I thought I should start with the DIY baby shower favors, before we are too far removed from Christmas since I made ornaments as the favors for the December baby shower. 

Baby Shower - Diaper Cake Snow Woman

I used simple supplies to make the ornament favors that were part of our table decoration, shown above.  I know Snow Woman is the star of the picture, but you can see about 5 different favors laying on the table in the picture too.

Baby Shower - DIY Favors - Ornaments-Scrapbook Paper-Mod Podge

I purchased the clear Martha Stewart ornaments at Michael’s.  I’m not sure how much they cost, but they were relatively inexpensive considering 6 ornaments were in each package.  The scrapbook  paper was a little 4×4 stack of double-sided Christmas paper, that feature plenty of pink to make it fit in with the rest of the baby shower decor. This was the first time I used Mod Podge!!  I bought the sparkle kind for this project, and I’m glad I did.  It just gave each ornament an extra little shine. 

Baby Shower - DIY Ornament Favors - Pink-Sparkle-Circle

For each ornament I just cut out the scrapbook paper while holding it against the plastic ornament.  I did find out that it was much easier to be precise with cutting than to try to trim after the mod podge was applied.  I applied the mod podge directly to the plastic ornament and then attached the scrapbook paper.  I did this for all the ornaments and laid them to dry.  After they were all dry, then I just applied a coat of the mod podge to the back of the paper.  Once all the ornaments were dry. I used an exacto knife to cut out the hole to hang the ornaments.  I have various Christmas ribbons on hand, so I just used what I had and attached a loop of ribbon and knotted it to hang.

Baby Shower Favors - DIY Ornaments-Green-diamond

The ornament favors were a simple fun craft that I enjoyed making.  Because of the double-sided paper, you can hang the ornament either way and it looks nice.  The first one is with the plastic in the front, and the one above is the side with the exposed paper.    I have learned my lesson and made plenty of extra so that I have several to keep and enjoy hanging on our tree, and I have them hanging both ways.

Baby Shower - DIY Ornament Favors- Teardrop with sparkle

What are your favorite favors that you made or received at a baby shower?  Any ideas for other ways to use the sparkle Mod Podge?  I have plenty left over, and I’m not quite sure what I make with it.

Keri’s Baby Shower

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of hosting a SURPRISE baby shower for my younger sister, Keri.  It was a joint effort of my Mom, my older sister, Kristel, and I.  We began planning it in early October, and boy does time fly when you are trying to plan a surprise and also get ready for the Christmas Holiday Season!!

There were a few DIY projects that were part of the shower, but I know my family is anxious to see pictures of the event, so I will give the highlights today and then I can recap the DIY for you later.   Plus, I seem to have failed to take a picture of my one project, so I will need to try to get one from Keri so that I can share with you.  It started with DIY invitations in the shape of diapers, this is just a quick snapshot of the variety of the invitations.  I’ll share the templates and step-by-step later.

Baby Shower - DIY Diaper Invitations

I know this picture is blurry, but it conveys the moment of the surpise with Keri’s reaction.

Baby Shower - Keri Surprised

Plus, I was behind her, so I didn’t get to see her face…I did get to see her jump and her hands fly up onto her pregnant belly.  By her reaction, I think we definitely pulled off the surprise.  My Mom was the key to getting  Keri to my house without her knowing it was a shower.  Pretty challenging, when you are also bringing along three of the guests!!  But, Mom thought of a great plan and it worked. 

Baby Shower - Keri and Mom

Keri and Mom

Since we knew it would be a busy time of year for everyone, we planned the shower as a Saturday morning brunch, hoping it didn’t cut into too many other plans.  Keri is due January 29th, so we planned the shower around the time of year, with Christmas and winter decorations.  And, lots of PINK, because Keri knows she is having a baby girl.  My cousin Kirby went above and beyond. I showed her a cute snowman diaper cake that I had pinned, and she said she could do that and make it pink.  She was not kidding.  She made this beautiful Snow Woman, which became a central part of the decor for the shower.

Baby Shower - Diaper Cake Snow Woman

We had the shower in my basement to provide plenty of room for everyone to move around and still be in the same space.  I set up extra tables and chairs so we would all have a place to sit and eat.  We used the bar to set up the buffet.

Baby Shower - Brunch Buffet

Baby Shower - guests at tables for brunch

Everyone got the chance to eat and visit with each other to start the day.

Baby Shower - Guests eating brunch

Baby Shower - June Mary Mom and Peggy

Then, we played some games.  We started with playing “Guess what is in the diaper”

Baby Shower -What's in the Diaper Game

I had never played before…actually, I still didn’t…I watched everyone else try to guess what was in the diaper.  They looked really gross, but it really was delicious candy bars melted in the diapers.

While the diapers were being passed around, others were trying to “Guess how big Keri’s belly is.”  We used pink ribbon and they each got to cut off the amount of ribbon they thought it would take to wrap around Keri’s belly.

Baby Shower - How Big is her belly game

Then, to see who got it right Kristel measured Keri’s belly.  She came in at 42.25 inches.  Keri’s mother-in-law was almost perfect with her 42 inch guess!

Baby Shower - Measuring her belly

Kristel measuring Keri’s belly

Our third game was “Name that tune” and we played short clips of songs, all of which contained the word baby.  It was a fun challenge.  Speaking of baby, my cousin’s baby Natalee was in attendance and is as sweet as ever.  Everyone was taking turns passing her around, and I couldn’t resist snapping pictures of her!!

Baby Shower - Kristel and NataleeBaby Shower - Granny and Natalee

Kristel and Natalee (left) and Granny and Natalee (right)

The final game was “Baby Price is Right”  We put out 4 baby products at a time and the lucky contestant got to put them in order of cheapest to most expensive.  It proved to be more difficult than anyone thought it would be.

Baby Shower - The Price is Right Game

Since I had my tree up, we decided that it was definitely the place to put the gifts.  I even decorated the tree in pink, just for the occasion.  The white painted changing table was one of the DIY projects that I will share later.

Baby Shower - Presents under the tree

Keri’s family and friends were very generous and I think she has everything she needs for when she and Cory bring home baby Anna.