Thrift Shopping Finds

I try to get out to go thrift shopping on a regular basis.  Some of my favorite places around Lancaster are:  Goodwill, Salvation Army, and then local places – Thrifty Elegance, Stock Swap, Charlie’s Used Furniture, and Attic Treasures, which is only once a month at a local church.  I haven’t had much luck with furniture lately, but I have gotten some good deals on accessories and other small finds.

Thrifty Elegance is a newer store, and I don’t think I have stopped in a single time that I didn’t buy something!  I bought this painting after debating the purchase several times that I stopped in.  I loved the colors and knew they would work in many places in my house, but I hated the frame and the picture and mat are not a standard size, so I wasn’t sure what I would do with it.  But, one day I finally caved, because for only $11.95, I figured I could spend a little money on it to make it what I wanted.

Thrift Shopping - new painting

This picture was before I did anything to it.  I started just with some spray paint to see if that would be enough to make me like the frame.  I’ll share the after pictures soon.  It just got a final coat of paint today.

On the same outing I bought some more pictures.  I haven’t found a spot for these three yet, but again the colors work well in our house.  I think all three were only $6.

Thrift Shopping - 3 wall canvases

I can’t remember if I bought the birdhouse in the same trip or not.  But, it was $5.  It’s pretty tall, and I like the natural texture to it.  I tried it in the foyer, but it didn’t go over well with Bob.  So, I’m still looking for the right spot in the house for the birdhouse too.

Thrift Shopping - Birdhouse

I know when I got the birdhouse, I also picked up this fake plant for $2.

Thrift Shopping - Fake Plant

We have tons of real plants, but it is too difficult to have real plants in the basement, so I need some more faux ones to add some “life” to the basement.  I plan to paint the pot for a new look.

Just last weekend, I picked up this beauty.  I couldn’t resist the branches and flowers, especially for only $4.  Again, its pretty large and it hasn’t found its spot in the house, but I’m sure it will soon.  I might even use some spray paint to give it a new look too.

Thrift Shopping - branch flower wall art

On another trip, I picked up these two vases, which were $4 for the pair.  I bought them in anticipation of changing the color scheme in the living room with the new sectional.

Thrift Shopping- new ceramic vases

I put them on the mantle today, and I’m really enjoying the nice pop of color in the room.

In early June, I went to Attic Treasures for the monthly sale.  I didn’t spend much, but came home with a few treasures.

Thrift Shopping - vases cutting mat and book

All of the glassware was 25 cents each.  I’ll give the green ones a coat of paint to really show off the texture.  The cutting mat was only 25 cents too, and it will come in handy in my scrapbooking supplies.  And, I couldn’t resist the upholstery book for 50 cents to help me try to figure out some of the more complicated upholstery jobs.

A few weekends ago, the Salvation Army was having 50% off the whole store.  I knew I needed a cart as soon as I saw the sign!

Thrift Shopping - scrapbook - paper holder  and wreath from salvation army

The plastic container is to hold scrapbooking paper.  It was $1.50.  The album is a Creative Memories scrapbook album.  The sale price was $2.  Someone had written on 2 of the pages, but since it is refillable, it is definitely worth it.  The wreath is quite crazy, but underneath all of that fabric is a white painted grapevine wreath for just $1.  I didn’t waste any time cutting off all the fabric as soon as I got it home.

Thrift Shopping - grapevine wreath uncovered

I’ll use it to create something new when I’m ready to change up my current Spring wreath that is still on our front door.

The purchase that I really was excited about the most was this bamboo tray table.

Thrift Shopping - bamboo tray table - price is right

It was half price too, so for $1.50, I got the perfect size table to put my laptop on while I’m sitting blogging.

Thrift Shopping - Bambo tray Table - use for laptop

I’ve used it regularly, like I am right now typing this.  It is nice that I can pull it out and sit on the couch to type, but can easily tuck it behind the door in my craft room to put it away.  I left it the natural color, which is a bit worn for now, not sure if I want to paint it or not.

Later this week, I will share the updates to some of my finds.  Anyone else have good luck thrift shopping lately?  Any yard sale finds?  Anyone local that has other thrift shops that I should check out?


A new look for my nightstand

When I decided to move my jewelry into our closet, it freed up space on top of my nightstand as well as leaving me with any empty wall above it.  I took advantage of the opportunity and used what I had in my supplies to give my nightstand a new look.

Nightstand- Before

I removed the jewelry box, jewelry rack, lamp, and the hanging necklace display.  The box with the butterflies is where I store my cell phone charger and accessories, so it is functional for me, but it did not have to stay on my nightstand since I got a new phone I don’t have to charge it every night now.  The alarm clock is necessary, since it goes off at 5am everyday!  The other item with the 2 swans is very special, as it was a wedding gift from my co-workers.  It says “two hearts beat as one,” and I just love it.  I started the process by removing everything, and I ended up with a look I really like.

Nightstand - After Pictures and new decor

I’ll admit…I removed the alarm clock for the pictures, because it looks better without it, but it still does sit on the corner of my nightstand.  I had the lamp in my décor supplies.  I bought it at a yard sale, originally for the shade, but I never ended up using it anywhere.

Nightstand - Vignette-glass tray-two hearts-books-plant

I added the plant for some color and life.  The plant, including the pot, was on clearance at Lowe’s for $4.  I picked it up when I went for the closet reorganization supplies.  I wanted to keep the swans on he nightstand, but they seemed lost.  Once I added the books, it seemed much more put together to me.  And, then I added the glass tray to finish it off.

Nightstand - after close-up of thrifted glass tray

I got the tray for 50 cents last month at Attic Treasures, which is a monthly thrift shop at a local church.  It was too pretty to pass up.  Plus, by adding the glass tray to my nightstand, it prevents me from piling other things on top of it. 🙂

Nightstand - After Pictures from Pennsylvania book close-up

For the wall décor, I also pulled from my stash of supplies I had.  The 3 frames and mats were sitting empty in the closet.  And, I also had this book:

Nightstand - Pennyslvania Book for Pictures

I had bought the book at a thrift store for $3.  It was cheap because the pages were loose.  I was glad they were loose because I only bought it to use the pictures from it.  I pulled out local pictures from around the Lancaster area and put them in the frames.  I think I would prefer the frames to be a different color, but I’m not sure what.  What color frame would you use?  I have some time to figure it out, because my preferred method for changing frames is to use spraypaint.  And, its definitely not warm enough to set up my spraypaint shop out in the backyard right now!

Nightstand - After

Overall, I’m really happy with the new look.  And, Bob gave it his approval when he returned from his trip too.  He thinks the frames should be a different color too, but we couldn’t decide on what.  Any suggestions?

Bamboo Chairs – Before and After

I took my mother-in-law on one of my recent thrift shopping adventures.  We were actually shopping for her, she wanted to find a new nightstand.  But, of course I had fun looking as well.  We both lucked out at Charlie’s Used Furniture in Lancaster.  As she was checking out nightstands, I was just browsing the store.  I found a pair of bamboo chairs.

They were definitely used, but in good enough condition for me.  I didn’t really know where I would put them, but I inspected them and knew they could easily be reupholstered. I still wasn’t sure until the owner ventured over to see how we were doing, and informed me that the pair were half price.  So, instead of $19 each, I could have the pair for $19.  SOLD!  Meanwhile, my mother-in-law also found a nightstand she liked, so we did good on our first stop of the day.

I had flipped the chairs over to see how they were put together, so when I started my disassembly at home, it was a pretty easy process.

There was only 1 screw in the front and 2 on the rear of the chair holding the seat to the base.

I removed the seat and was left with the fabric staples to remove.

I found a surprise after removing the fabric, which I just use a flat screwdriver and then pliers to pull out the staples.

There was another layer of fabric under the first one.  I’m sure this was the original fabric, and the previous owner had just added new fabric  on top of it.  I wanted to make sure that the foam was in good condition, so I also removed this layer of fabric.  Once all the fabric was gone, I found the foam in very good condition.

I had some batting on hand, so I just added that as an extra layer to maintain the condition of the foam and hold everything in place before attaching my fabric.  I purchased 1/3 a yard of fabric at Jo-Ann Fabrics, on sale for only $14.99/yd, so my cost was $10.  The fabric is called Signoria Harvest, and it was in the 55″ rolls of home decor fabric.

The batting and new fabric are secured only with the staples.  I do one side at a time, then the opposite side and then repeat the same steps on the other two sides, saving the corners for last. I didn’t want a seam to show on the corners, so I rounded them the best I could and stapled.  That part took two hands, so I don’t have an in-process picture.

To make sure I was fine with the corners, I tested it by putting the seat back on the chair.  Looks good to me.  I also used some wood glue to secure sections where the accent details (not sure what they are called) were coming loose.  Then, I had to get Bob’s help to secure the seats back on the chair, as it was much more difficult putting the screws back in than taking them out.  I held the seat in place and he used his drill to make them really secure.

 For now, the chairs have found a place in the basement beside the console table and under the sconces.

Puddy gives his approval by testing them out in their new home! 

While I was rearranging, I started to take down some of my Fall decor and change up the look on the console table.  I still feel like it needs something else.  I seem to always struggle with getting the right look on tablescapes and vignettes….it takes me a few tries before I get it right, and I have to live with it a while in between the tries to decide what I think about it.   Any suggestions on how to finish off this spot in our basement?  Am I the only one who is ready to take down all the Fall decor and start decorating for Christmas?

Cheap Sconce Makeover

My sconces makeover took much longer than I expected.  The actual transformation of the sconces was relatively quick and easy.  This is the before look, which I showed previously.

I bought the sconces for $2.99 each at the Salvation Army.  I gave them a few thin coats of spraypaint, and they were ready to be hung.  I ran into issues with finding the right candles though.  The distance from the candle holder base to the ring was 6″, which I thought would work with most standard pillar candles, but unfortunately most 6″ pillar candles are really only 5.5″, so it ended up looking really strange.  I did find some nice candles in my searches, but I was not about to pay $27 for a candle to put in a sconce I paid $3.  Finally, I found success at Wal-Mart.  They had 8″ pillar candles for $6 each.  I bought 2 and was finally ready to share my sconces.

The only problem was that the overall look  just seemed weird.  We had the picture hanging on the wall for a long time and it always looked very sparse in its surroundings. I should have taken an true before picture to show how lonely it looked.  Its a very long wall in our basement and the couch doesn’t sit directly against the wall, it is probably about 10-12 feet away from it, so the long wall really needed help.  The sconces did help, but then I decided to try what had once been our foyer table under the picture.  This was all part of the rearranging that occured with my free corner shelf and the sconces.  The previous foyer table had just been living under another picture in the basement near the bar/dining area of the space.  So, I stole that table and its accessories and lived with it under the picture for a while and decided it could stay.  Here’s the current look.

And,  here is another view so that you can see the perspective of sofa in front of it.

It is also really difficult to take nice pictures in a basement!  These are about as accurate as I can get the colors without much natural light.  So, what started out as quick little project, ended up creating a lot of rearranging in our basement.  But, the good thing is I think it created some improvements.  The lamp on the table under the pictures creates really nice light as we are relaxing on the sofa watching TV or reading.  I have more areas of the basement to show in some upcoming posts.  There were many projects that happened along the way as we furnished the basement.  Plus, I’ll share the true before and after of the basement with the concrete walls and floors, to the warm cozy family area we have now.

Anyone else work on a quick, easy project that ended up snowballing into many other projects?