Upholstered Headboard Update

When I previously shared our guest bedroom here, I mentioned that I was considering adding nailhead trim to the headboard.   I purchased the trim weeks ago, but I finally found time to make the update to the headboard. 

DIY Upholstered Headboard - Nailhead Trim

I just moved the bed and laid the headboard on the floor right in the guest room.

DIY Upholstered Headboard - Before

I had never used the nailhead trim before, so I was uncertain how the project would go, but it was quite easy.  The trim is in one long strip, and every 5 nail heads in the strip have a hole in the middle so that you can insert a full nailhead to hold the strip down.  I used a rubber mallet to hammer the nail heads into the headboard.

DIY Upholstered Headboard - Starting nailhead trim

I was able to bend the strip to start the trim on the underneath side of the headboard.  As you can see, I decided to just go right over the white trim that I already had on the headboard.  

DIY Upholstered Headboard - After Nailhead trim - detail shot

Puddy is very protective of the guest room bed, since it is where he spends many hours of the day.  He was watching every move I made as I was working on the headboard.

DIY Upholstered Headboard - Puddy Watching

In a matter of minutes, I had the trim attached to the headboard.    I didn’t use the whole roll of trim, so I just used wire cutters to cut the end and again bent it on the underside of the headboard to finish. 

DIY Upholstered Headboard- After Nailhead trim- headboard shot

With the headboard back in place, Puddy was happy to relax in his normal spot on the bed.

DIY Upholstered Headboard - After Nailhead Trim added - full guest room

I think the nailhead trim adds some interest to the plain headboard.  What do you think?  Anyone else use nailhead trim to update a piece of furniture?

Frog City

We have an egress window in our basement, which is the required emergency exit.  Its not very pretty to look at, but it provides natural light so we didn’t want to hide it.  We tried to dress up the window by adding blinds and curtains, and even went as far as putting pebble stones in the window well.  Then, I had the great idea to put a plant in the window well.  Since it is a basement, it is challenging to add plant life because of the lack of natural light.  But, the window well got light and this way the plant would have a better chance of survival.  I got a nice big fern and put it in the window well.

You might notice there is a large piece of driftwood in the window well also.  The driftwood was a later addition, after we realized that the window well had become home to some frogs.  Before the driftwood, Bob added a water bowl that I picked up at Goodwill.

The frogs loved the water bowl.  The shells were added because they seemed to have difficulty getting up the sides of the bowl.  Eventually, since the frogs seemed to multiply…or at least tell their frog friends that it was a nice place to live, we added a real water dish from the pet store.

Oh, and we also started feeding them crickets!!  We would go get about 50 crickets and the frogs just had a party.

Some of these pictures are from last summer.  The frogs provided us with so much enjoyment, that we created Frog City (as my nephews named it) again this year.  Puddy absolutely loves the frogs.  If we are watching out the window, he will jump up and down and cry and want up to see the frogs too.

Puddy also gets excited about looking out the window because it seems to attract other creatures as well.  We have had our fair share of bunnies and even larger rabbits end up in the window well.  One time there was a cat in there too…it had preyed on a bunny and they both landed in the window well.  We apply immediate catch and release with the other animals.  This summer, we had 2 baby birdies in the well.

The birdies were just learning to fly and couldn’t figure out how to get out of the window well, so I had to climb out there and help them back to the yard so they could get back to their momma, who was close by watching.

As the weather begins to turn into colder nights, we slowly release the frogs back into nature so they can bury themselves into the ground to survive the winter.

We released the frogs a few weeks ago after a family dinner.  As I said, the frogs have provided us with much enjoyment, so it was only natural to make an event out of releasing them.  But, it seems frog season was not over, because last week a new one landed in the window well.  And, he’s a big bull frog!

We will release him too…but not before our family gets to come over and see the big guy!

Annual Tractor Ride

Each year on the first Sunday in October, our family has a day of tradition.  It is the annual tractor ride in my parent’s town.  Last year, it was so cold the organizers canceled the ride.  But, that didn’t stop us…we made our own ride!  This year, my Dad organized the whole ride.  We started from a new location and followed the route that he mapped out.  The forecast was to be chilly and rainy, but we lucked out and while it was brisk it wasn’t nearly as cold as last year and the rain didn’t start until later in the day.  We think the forecast put a bit of a damper on the attendance, but there were still 10 tractors in the ride.  Some had wagons, some didn’t.  Some were green, some were red – We definitely have a preference, but we don’t discriminate.   But, everyone was there for the same reason – to take the tractors out for a ride, spend time together, and enjoy the beauty of the Fall season in the country.

Puddy waiting for us to get the ride started.

Puddy’s John Deere Shirt – One of my latest crafty creations

The parade of tractors starting to head out of town.

Dad was our driver and the leader of the parade of tractors.

The ride took us along some beautiful scenes.  It was very peaceful.

Puddy wasn’t the only dog along for the ride.  Smokey was enjoying it too.  He was all decked out in John Deere gear as well.   I wasn’t sure he’d like a t-shirt, so he got a John Deere bandana.  Then he got cold, so he got to use the John Deere blanket too!

Bob spotted this scarecrow hiding in the field along the way.

Overall, it was a nice hour and half ride through the country, in the area I grew up.  Its always a nice reminder of the beauty and peacefulness of the country.  And, best of all it is a great day spent with family.  We were missing some family Sunday.  My brother was busy running his first half marathon, so he couldn’t make it to the ride.  We missed him and his family, but it just meant we got to eat more of the candy ourselves! 🙂  Oh yeah, we take candy along to throw to any kids along the way.  This year I think we only saw one group of kids, so we kept up tradition and ate most of the candy as we rode!

Anyone else have a special family tradition to share?  Any other tractor rides out there?

Happy 4th Birthday Puddy!

Today, we are celebrating Puddy’s 4th Birthday.  It is hard to imagine that he is 4 already.  He still is so much like a puppy that I don’t think of him as getting older.  But, when I need a reminder I just look at the pictures from the weekend we brought him home.  He was a 3.2 pound little fluffball!

Even in these pictures, he is about 11 weeks old.  He was so tiny and he missed his brothers and sisters so much that he just walked around squeaking, which was his cry.

But, soon enough he made himself at home.

To this day, he still can be found sleeping like this….most of the time its in the middle of our bed!!

Happy Birthday to our 4 year old!

Does anyone else celebrate their dogs or other pets birthdays?  Do they get a special treat?