Haven 2013

Last week, I spent 3 days in Atlanta at the Haven Conference.  You would think that a 3-day conference would be easy to sum up into a few words and pictures, but it really isn’t.  Haven is the one time of year that I don’t have to explain what a blog is, or what DIY and home blogging is all about.  It is a wonderful opportunity to be with so many like-minded people.  Bloggers come from all walks of life, but at Haven we have the common bond of primarily blogging about our homes and projects we call DIY.  I was so much less nervous going to Haven this year, because I could actually introduce  myself as “Leslie from Puddy’s House”.  I felt like I belonged.  It also helped that I have a great traveling companion, who could also introduce herself as a blogger this year, “Amy from Always Never Done.”

Haven 2013 - Leslie and Amy

The Haven Team puts on a great conference.

Haven 2013 - Haven Team

I know they put forth tons of time and effort to make it great, and it shows, and it is appreciated!  We arrived Thursday to register, which is a fun time because we pick up our swag bag.  The Haven Team and Sponsors had it filled with goodies.

Haven 2013 - Swag Bag and Name Tag

Thursday evening, we opened the conference with a cocktail hour to give everyone time to meet and mingle.  After that, Amy and I headed out to dinner.  We were staying at a Hyatt for the conference and they have a shuttle driver that will take you anywhere within a few miles for free.  We said we wanted to go to dinner and the driver recommended The Buckhead Diner.  I think he saw the look on our face, and he said it wasn’t what we normally would think of as a diner, so we said we’d try it.  We pulled up and it certainly looked like you average diner.

Haven 2013 - Buckhead Diner

But, inside it was very nice.  The staff was great and it was delicious food.   The driver’s recommendation was right on target.

Haven 2013 - Amy at Buckhead Diner

Friday morning, the day started with Ana White as the keynote speaker.   She was educational and inspiring, which are two of the four things she said she always tries to have in her blog posts.  If you don’t know Ana White, I recommend you check out her blog.

Haven 2013 - Ana White

After the keynote, there were many sessions to choose from.  Most sessions were repeated on Saturday too, so Amy and I went to a mix of sessions to help with blogging and also hands-on DIY sessions.

Haven 2013 - Emily A Clark  -Design Mistakes

Emily A. Clark teaching us about The 5 Most Common Design Mistakes.  We also learned about the components to layering design with this real bedroom example.

Haven 2013 - Bedroom design

In another session, we learned from Sawdust Girl and Pretty Handy Girl about molding, trim, and wall planks.  After they taught us, we had time for hands-on.  I shared some pictures of Amy and I on Facebook using the tools.  I really liked learning how to install crown molding.  Sawdust Girl showed us her templates she uses and then we each had the chance to make our own templates.

Haven 2013 - Sawdust Girl and Pretty Handy Girl

In another hands-on session, we got the chance to work with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Wax.  I had used Chalk Paint before on my corner shelf in the basement, but this class was great to learn more techniques about application and layering and waxes.

Haven 2013 - Chalk Paint session

Some of the other sessions we took, but I don’t have pictures of included photography, blogging basics, and advertising.  My head was swimming at times.   Maybe that is why Amy and I took crazy pictures like this in the bathroom!

Haven 2013 - Leslie and Amy mirror reflections

The conference ended with more giveaways from the sponsors, and a very motivational closing speaker from Habitat for Humanity.  He challenged us to do good on a grand scale.

Haven 2013 - Closing presentation

After two full days of learning and a few evenings of fun, I think we all left inspired and I’m pretty sure that is what the Haven Team hoped to accomplish with the closing speaker.

Overall, Haven was even better than it was last year.  We learned, we networked, and we had fun!  Oh, and we took home a whole suitcase full of our free swag!!

Haven 2013 - Swag packed

I’ll be sharing some of the swag soon as I know I will be using a lot of it in upcoming projects.  One project I didn’t anticipate is a technical one.  I learned in the blogging basics session that I should make the change from wordpress.com to wordpress.org.  I have already started the process, but I just wanted to warn my readers that if you visit my site in the upcoming days and see anything strange, or maybe don’t see anything at all, please try again…it is just me trying to make the transfer on my own.  I hope its seemless, but I can’t make any guarantees.

Weekend Fun

There was not much time for DIY projects this past weekend, because it was a weekend full of fun!  Even though I had to work Friday, I kicked off my weekend on Thursday night.  Thursday evening, I traveled to York to meet a group of local bloggers.  Many of us are going to the upcoming Haven Conference in Atlanta but some of the bloggers were not.  It was a great night getting to know other bloggers in the area and having the opportunity to learn a bit from ladies who have a variety of blogging experiences to share.  It got me so excited for Haven, which is now less than two weeks away!! Unfortunately, my pictures turned out blurry, so I don’t have one to share of our group….at least I can blame the blurry picture on the waiter and not on my mediocre photography skills. 🙂

The weekend really started Friday evening when we went to the Lancaster Liederkranz for the Parrot Fest.  There were five couples from our neighborhood, and it was a night of food, drinks, music and fun.  I shared this picture of the our neighbor, Debbie, and I sporting our pretty drinks that matched our outfits on Instagram.

.weekend fun - leslie and debbie - parrot fest

Saturday night, we helped to celebrate Debbie’s daughter’s 21st birthday.  Since she was turning 21, what better gift than some alcohol!  We had 2 bottles of booze for her and I had nothing to wrap it in.  I tried to just tie some fabric around them, but it ended up all bunched up, so I took the opportunity to pull out the sewing machine and sew 2 semi-straight lines to make a wine bottle bag big enough to hold 2 bottles.

Weekend Fun - DIY Wine Bottle Bag -sewing

After I sewed it, I just flipped it right side out and put the bottles in the bag and attached some ribbon.

Weekend Fun - diy wine bottle sack

Now that I know how simple and easy it is, I think I will find some fun fabric to keep on hand for just such an occasion.

On Sunday, we had some more fun.  On Summer Sunday evenings, the Long’s Park Amphitheater has a free concert each week.  This past weekend, the concert was Dawes.  They were also there last year and put on a good show, so we knew we wanted to go back.  Bob and I packed some snacks and drinks, picked up our friends and went out to enjoy the evening.

Dawes Concert - Leslie

There was quite a crowd.

Dawes Concert - Longs Park Ampitheatre

Dawes Concert - Crowd

Dawes did not disappoint.  We listened to good music and got some nice pictures to remember the evening too.

dawes 4


dawes 6



Did you have fun this weekend?  Or, maybe you found some time to fit in some DIY?

I started to work on a few small projects this evening, so I should have more to share later this week.

Life and a Little DIY

We spent the long holiday weekend at the beach.  It was great to get away, but Ocean City, MD was pretty busy because of the holiday.  We did our best at just relaxing and enjoying the time away.  Bob and I found some time to relax by the pool, hit the beach, and boardwalk, and of course had some good eats and drinks!  Over the weekend, I also finally caved to signing up for Instagram, and I’m really enjoying it so far.  Here are a few of my instagrams from the weekend.

Harborside view instagram

That was our view from the Harborside on Saturday, and below was the inside of Harborside on Friday.  It is one of our favorite spots at the beach.

Leslie Harborside instagram

Our beach trip had at least two purposes, to get away and relax was one.  The other one was to take Bob’s Mom, Helen, to the beach to stay for the week.  So, this morning Bob and Puddy and I packed up and headed home and we left Helen at her house at the beach for the week.  And, my goal while she is at the beach is to give her kitchen cabinets a fresh new look!

This is what her kitchen looked like when she left for the beach.

Kitchen Cabinets - before left sid

Kitchen Cabinets - before right side

And, there’s a few more cabinets that I didn’t fit in the picture.  The goal is to paint the lower cabinets “Icy Bay”, which is a fresh mint color, and the upper cabinets will become “Delicate White”.  Both are colors in the Olympic paint line.  The cabinets will also get new knobs and pulls.  There a total of 12 drawers and 23 cabinets, so there is much work to be done.

Today, Bob helped me remove all the doors and drawer fronts.  And, then I began the prep.  The old knobs have all been removed and about half of the doors and drawers have been sanded.

Kitchen Cabinets - Sanding

This week will be a busy one, so I’m sure I won’t be blogging along the way, but I will try my best to share sneak peaks on Facebook and Instagram.

Have you painted cabinets?  Any tips or tricks to share?


This weekend I really began to reflect on the simple word “balance”.  Last year, I focused on balance when it came to my exercise.  I had previously just focused my workouts on running, but I wanted to change it up and balance my workouts better.  And, last year I felt that I was finally able to accomplish that, and I have managed to continue it.  Now, I do yoga twice a week, a cardio/body weight exercise class once a week and then run one or two times per week.  This is in addition to my daily walks with Puddy and my somewhat regular lunchtime walks.  So, even though I have been able to find balance with my exercise, I am still struggling with balance in the rest of my life.  When I found this picture on Pinterest, it seemed too perfect for the thoughts I had in my head and felt compelled to share here.

Balance- The key to life


When I started blogging, I was better at sharing glimpses of what was happening in my life.  But, then something changed and I focused much more on just the projects.  I want to get back to sharing life again, because the truth is, the projects I complete are just a small part of life.  And, if I don’t try to balance and focus on enjoying life more it won’t be good for me or this blog.

Note: The rest of the pictures have nothing to do with the topic at hand, but are just pretty pictures that I wanted to share.

Balance - daisies up close

I have realized that the balance struggle becomes more difficult each year when the weather becomes nicer.  There is so much that must be done, as well as so much that I want to do.  The calendar starts to fill up and soon it seems that summer passes by.  So, since Summer has not officially started yet, I am going to try to focus on balance more this summer.

Balance - nest of eggs

A bird laid these pretty eggs in the driveway at my mother-in-law’s beach house.

I don’t think I’ve talked about my job, probably because I was trying to separate blogging from work, but in reality I need to balance the two.  My full-time job is as a Human Resources Manager.  I love my job.  I work at a great place and work with wonderful people.  But, my job is also very demanding.  So, at times it leaves me a bit drained, which means I don’t have the time, energy, or creative initiative it requires to have something to blog about.  I’m going to try to do better at this, as I focus on balance.  But, I also need to be realistic.  For many other bloggers, blogging is their job (at least it seems that way for a lot of them that I read).  It is very unlikely that blogging will ever be my job.  But, I do really enjoy having blogging as an outlet for me.  I enjoy sharing my projects and life with whoever is reading, which most of the time seems to be only my family and friends.  I hope to balance work and blogging, while staying true to myself, and hopefully gaining more readers to share my life and projects.

Balance - peony up close

As part of balancing, I need to figure out how split my free time with yard sale and thrift shopping and with working on the projects I already have sitting around the house.  This is most difficult in Summer time because I really enjoy Saturday morning yard sale shopping.  It is such a short season that anytime I have a “free” Saturday, I try to go to yard sales.  The balance struggle then occurs, when I get home in the afternoon and don’t have the energy to work on anything that I’ve bought.  And, most of the items I buy at yard sales need some work.  So, I’m going to try to get better at splitting my  time with shopping and creating.  Weekends are just too short!

Balance - butterfly from st maarten

Another part of my goal to balance is all the other things that have to be done: cleaning, grocery shopping, yard work, etc.  Fortunately, most of the major yard work for the year is done, but it still needs to fit in the balance.  However, all of the other routine things must be done each week, and I still need to find time to do it.  I’m lucky to have a husband who helps out with all of it (other than grocery shopping), but he’s busy too, so it’s a balance for both of us.  The last aspect of my goal, is balancing my quality time with Bob.  Since we are both so busy, we both have to work on the balance, but we are both conscious of the need to work on it and enjoy life.  With that said, I’m going to put away the laptop and enjoy the rest of this beautiful evening on our patio.

Does anyone else struggle with balance?  Any suggestions for improving balance?

The conclusion of our Curacao Trip

As I prepared this post, I got distracted by all of our Curacao pictures all over again.  We had such a wonderful time, and got to truly experience the island.  I’m sharing one last set of pictures to give a few more of the highlights of our trip.  We stayed in two locations on the island.  The first half of the week, we stayed at the Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort.  It was tucked away on one side of the island, and was a very serene setting.

The beach

Curacao - Santa Barbara Resort Beach

The pool

Curacao - Santa Barbara Resort Pool

The main part of the hotel and restaurants

Curacao - Santa Barbara Resort - Hotel and Dining Area

And, the landscape around the resort.

Curacao - Santa Barbara Resort - Property

For the second half of our trip, we moved to the other side of the island, at Marazul Dive Resort in Westpunt.  We chose to stay in a vacation rental by owner, and had a great experience.  We had never done that before, but we are so glad we did because it was great.  The pictures of the place we stayed were exactly how they were listed on the rental website.  The owners provided us with helpful information in advance of our stay, and the property managers welcomed us after our arrival.

We had a beautiful view from our balcony.

Curacao - Marazul Dive Resort - View

Here are some views of the nature of Curacao:

Curacao - Yellow and black bird on deck

Curacao - Iguana close-up

Curacao - Flamingos in water

Curacao - Cactus

Curacao - Pink-Red Flowers

Curacao - Iguana in leaves on rock

Curacao - Tropical Bird

Curacao - Purple Flowers

Overall, it was a wonderful vacation.  Curacao is a beautiful place.  We enjoyed our whole trip.  You can find more of Curacao here and here, in case you missed the other highlights.

Where is your favorite vacation spot?

The Sea Views in Curacao

Curacao 2 - Playa Knip panoramic

The beauty of Curacao was definitely not only in the buildings and décor.  The water was just as beautiful.  The picture above is from Playa Knip.  When we arrived at that beach one morning, no one else was there.  We were beginning to wonder if we should be there, but while we tried to decide we took advantage of the empty beach and snapped some beautiful pictures.  Soon enough people began to show up a the pretty beach.  We spent the day enjoying the sand, sun and water.  The snorkeling at this spot was pretty good too.

Curacao 2 - Snorkeling fish and coral

Curacao 2 - snorkeling - fish

Another morning, we set out for another beach, Playa Forti.  We were told it was a good spot to collect sea glass, so we wanted to get there early in the morning, because we thought the selection would get picked over.  Turns out, you could not walk on the beach without at least flip flops because it was just covered in coral and some sea glass.  We walked along and collected some to bring home, and took some pictures of the peaceful location.

Curacao 2 - Playa Forti

And, this was the view from the parking area above before walking down to Playa Forti.

Curacao 2 - View at Playa Forti

Since there wasn’t really anywhere to relax there, we had to find another beach for the day.  We headed to Santa Maria Beach.  It was a much larger beach than any of the others that we went to, but we found a little spot to hang out for the day off to the side of this dock.

Curacao 2 - Dock and water at Santa Maria Beach

Some of the other sea views we captured were taken while we were on a catamaran exploring around the island.

Curacao 2 - Homes along the water from catamaran

Curacao 2 - close up of homes and boats from water

And, we spent each chance we could exploring the water snorkeling.  We found some beautiful coral and fish.

Curacao 2 - Snorkeling Elk Horn Coral

Curacao 2 - Snorkeling Fish and Brain Coral

Curacao 2 - Snorkeling coral varieties

Curacao 2 - Snorkeling Trunk Fish

From above water, we found rocks that were very populated with beautiful snails.

Curacao 2 - Snails on Rocks

We tried to capture sunset pictures, but each chance we had it would disappear behind the clouds when it got closer to the water.

Curacao 2 - sun starting to set over the sea

The light at that time of day is always our favorite time to take pictures.  This was outside of our resort on the stairs built into the cliff leading into the water.

Curacao 2 - Leslie on stairs to water at Marazul Dive Resort

The flowers and palm trees around the resort were amazing.

Curacao 2 - Flowers and palm tree with water in background

Has anyone else traveled to Curacao?  Any other snorkelers?

Spiderman Birthday Party

Our grandson, Connor, requested a Spiderman Birthday Party to celebrate his 4th Birthday.  So, what did I do…started searching Pinterest immediately!  I created a new board of Birthday Ideas to start planning.  Fortunately, I realized I didn’t have a ton of time to go overboard, so I focused my effort on the cake.   My Mom always made and decorated our birthday cakes growing up, so I learned some basic cake decorating knowledge from her.  She has also equipped me with the general tools/supplies that I need.   As I searched for  ideas, I found many cakes that were awesome, but completely not in my skill set.  Then, I found this one by Delicious Meliscious:

Spiderman Birthday - Pinterest Inspiration Cake

I liked this cake a lot.  It was colorful, fit with the Spiderman décor, but was not crazy-complicated.  Plus, I showed Connor’s Mom and she had found the same one on Pinterest and liked it too!!  The only supplies I had to buy were a jar of blue and red food coloring.  I used the Wilton gel, because I’ve learned when you want very saturated colors, you need the gel.  I used my traditional Crazy Chocolate Cake and White Icing recipes.  I added the whole jar of “No Taste Red” to a bowl of icing to get a deep enough red color.  It only took about half a jar of blue to get the color right.  And, then I got to work decorating.

Spiderman Birthday - Cake from above

Spiderman Birthday - Happy Birthday side of cake view

Spiderman Birthday - Connor's cake

It’s definitely not perfect, but I was happy with it.  I just mixed my leftover red and blue icing together and added a few drops of green and yellow to get the color for the web and lettering.  Somehow the icing looks like it is spidery with the hints of white in the dark.  I couldn’t get that look again if I tried, but with this cake I knew it would work.  And, the most important part of the cake was it tasted delicious!

The only other décor I found time to make was a birthday banner.  I found this one from Etsy on Pinterest.

Spiderman Birthday - Pinterest Inspiration Banner

It looked so fun, but I was not about to pay $30 for a banner that would be hanging for a few hours.  I tried to find some Spiderman paper at the craft store, but I did not have any success.  I almost gave up on the idea, but decided I could just make it simpler.  I used my Cricut and cut out Happy Birthday in alternating red and blue.  I cut out black rectangles and punched holes in the upper corners.  I attached the letters to the rectangles and then began to string them on some red ribbon.  I just attached a plain rectangle to separate the words.  The plain rectangle didn’t work for me, so I found some printed blue paper in my stash.  That still wasn’t enough, so I googled Spiderman images and just printed one out on regular paper.  Fortunately, it was the perfect size Spiderman.  We hung it on the mantle to add some  décor to the living room.

Spiderman Birthday - Happy Birthday Banner

Overall, I was pleased with the cake and banner, especially with the limited amount of prep time I had.  But, the most important part was that that Birthday Boy had fun!!

The Beauty of Curacao

Curacao - Curacao sign in Willemstad

I’m finally getting time to look at all of the pictures we took in Curacao….all 485 of them!  We are very lucky to have the opportunity to spend a week on the beautiful island of Curacao.  There is so many beautiful sights to share, so I think I will divide it up into a few posts.  First, I’m sharing some of the colorful homes, beautiful architecture, and beach décor.

The town of Willemstad is filled with streets of colorful buildings.  Below is the center of Rif Ford, with a fountain in the center square and lots of shopping.

Curacao - Rif Fort in Willemstad fountain square

This was one of the hotels and casinos.  We didn’t go in, we just enjoyed the beauty from outside.

Curacao - Blue and White hotel

Bob really liked the color of this bank.

Curacao - Banco di Caribe - blue and white

We took many pictures of all the buildings in a row, but this one shows the variety of colors.  I asked Bob what color he would choose if this was the style of home we had, and his choice was salmon and yellow.  I would choose coral and yellow….so I think we are close enough to pick colors we would both like to live with for our home.  Of course, we’d have to be living somewhere where that is the style.  A coral house would stick out a bit too much in Lancaster!

Curacao - Colorful homes in Willemstad

As we walked the streets, it wasn’t just the buildings that were colorful.  We also found this beautiful alley.  It was 3-dimensional, which made it even more unique.

Curacao - 3-D Wall with sunflowers and butterflies

The churches and cemeteries were works of art too.

Curacao - Church and cemetery

I enjoyed the décor around the hotel too.  It was amazing to see a lot of the trends I see on a regular basis on other blogs, like the driftwood mirror.

Curacao - Driftwood mirror in hotel hall

The coral wall décor was hanging in the open stairwell.

Curacao - coral wall decor

The most eye-catching was the enormous coral chandelier hanging in the lounge.

Curacao - Coral Chandelier

I’ll share more of Curacao soon, with some of nature’s beauty in the beaches and wildlife.  What color house would you choose?  What do you think of the beach décor?

Spring Dreams

I’ve found myself lacking inspiration lately, and I was struggling to figure out why.  Then, it hit me…..I’m longing for Spring!

I want to sit on the patio and enjoy the longer daylight hours, maybe even enjoy a fire.

Spring Dreams - chimnea

I’m really missing the beautiful colors of Spring.

Spring Dreams - Tiger Lillies

Spring Dreams  - Daisy

Spring Dreams - Pansies with knockout roses

Spring Dreams - Coreopsis

Spring Dreams - Lillies

Spring Dreams  - Impatiens

Spring Dreams - Coreopsis close-up

I can’t take credit for the lilies, the white and tiger lilies are from my mother-in-law’s house.  But, all the other flowers are from our house, and they bloom in the spring.  I’m so anxious to see them pop open this year.  I know it will be a little while before I see them though, so I’m hoping I can find some inspiration soon.

So, how about you, anyone else longing for Spring?  Am I the only one struggling to stay inspired during the short, grey, winter days?  Any ideas for sparking inspiration?

Vacation Memories

This weekend, the sun was finally out, but it just made me dream of even warmer weather.  So, to make me feel better, I turned my dreaming into a trip down memory lane with pictures of vacations from previous years.

The first time I was ever to another country was May 2006.  It was the first “big” vacation for Bob and I.  We stayed in Akumal, Mexico and it is a beautiful location.

Vacations - Akumal Mexico May 2006

We went a bit further south on that trip and visited Tulum. The view below is from the ruins.

Vacation - Tulum Mexico May 2006

In May 2007, we decided to go back to Mexico again.  Part of what we love about Akumal, is that it means “home of the turtle”, and it is.  Almost every time we hopped in the water to go snorkeling, we saw a turtle, sometimes a few turtles.  It was amazing.

Vacation - Turtle Akumal Mexico May 2007

We loved Tulum so much, we went back during our trip to find some other beaches that were new to us.

Vacation - Pink Boat Mexico May 2007

Vacation - Bob and Leslie Mexico May 2007

In 2008, we ventured even further south to Belize.  This was our honeymoon trip in April.   It took 3 planes to get us there, but it was well worth it.  Our first stop was Placencia.  We stayed in a little cottage right on the beach.

Vacation - Bob and Leslie Placencia Belize April 2008

Vacation - Placencia Belize Beach April 2008

After a few days in Placencia, we got on another plane and then a small boat took us to our next destination, South Water Caye.   Caye is an island in Belize, and South Water was our choice since it is right on the Barrier Reef.  We could walk from our cottage, onto the beach and get in water that was like swimming in an aquarium.

Vacation - Belize snorkeling fish

We also took a short boat excursion that had us snorkeling around the some of the most beautiful coral we have ever seen.

Vacation - Belize snorkeling elk horn coral

The island was very small, so we got to experience many beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Vacation - Belize sunset April 2008

St. Kitts was our next adventure in February 2010.  On our first day there, we went to this point where you could see the Atlantic on one side and Caribbean on the other side.

Vacation - St Kitts Atlantic and Caribbean view bob and leslie Feb 2010

We got to go snorkeling yet again, and saw more colorful coral.  We also got to find conch during our snorkeling and the boat crew used it for our lunch.  One of the conch shells came home with us, since we knew it was empty, and it resides on the shelves in our basement as a great memory.

Vacation - St Kitts - coral

This was the beach right outside the hotel.  Bob set the camera on some rocks to take our self-portrait.

Vacation - St Kitts bob and leslie on beach

February 2011 found us in Grand Cayman.  The lighting before dinner was too perfect not to pose for a picture.

Vacation -Grand Cayman Bob and Leslie Feb 2011

The beaches in Grand Cayman were so beautiful.

Vacation - Grand Cayman - Leslie Beach

Bob did his research in advance and knew that Cemetery Beach was the place to go snorkeling.  The fish were so colorful, and they were not afraid of people.  They would swim right up to you.

Vacation - Grand Cayman - Snorkeling fish at cemetery beach

We also took a trip to Sting Ray City.  As scared as I thought I would be, it was so neat to be in the water with all the sting rays.


Last year, we ventured to St. Maarten.  The snorkeling was not very good, so we just enjoyed the beaches and we can’t complain as long as the water is warm!!

Vacation - St Marteen - February 2012

One day was a bit cloudy with some rain off and on, so I was able to convince Bob to go to the Butterfly Farm.  So, instead of pictures of fish and coral, we have tons of pictures of butterflies from our St. Maarten trip.

Vacation - St Marteen - butterfly farm

This trip was also the first with our new camera, so Bob took lots of panoramic shots trying to capture it all.

Vacation - St Marteen panoramic

So, that’s a quick trip down our vacation memory lane.  It doesn’t seem to cure my dreams of warm weather….it really just makes me want it more.  Luckily, we have our next trip planned…we are headed to Curacao.  Has anyone been there?  If so, what should we put on our list to do?