Spring Dreams

I’ve found myself lacking inspiration lately, and I was struggling to figure out why.  Then, it hit me…..I’m longing for Spring!

I want to sit on the patio and enjoy the longer daylight hours, maybe even enjoy a fire.

Spring Dreams - chimnea

I’m really missing the beautiful colors of Spring.

Spring Dreams - Tiger Lillies

Spring Dreams  - Daisy

Spring Dreams - Pansies with knockout roses

Spring Dreams - Coreopsis

Spring Dreams - Lillies

Spring Dreams  - Impatiens

Spring Dreams - Coreopsis close-up

I can’t take credit for the lilies, the white and tiger lilies are from my mother-in-law’s house.  But, all the other flowers are from our house, and they bloom in the spring.  I’m so anxious to see them pop open this year.  I know it will be a little while before I see them though, so I’m hoping I can find some inspiration soon.

So, how about you, anyone else longing for Spring?  Am I the only one struggling to stay inspired during the short, grey, winter days?  Any ideas for sparking inspiration?

A new look for my nightstand

When I decided to move my jewelry into our closet, it freed up space on top of my nightstand as well as leaving me with any empty wall above it.  I took advantage of the opportunity and used what I had in my supplies to give my nightstand a new look.

Nightstand- Before

I removed the jewelry box, jewelry rack, lamp, and the hanging necklace display.  The box with the butterflies is where I store my cell phone charger and accessories, so it is functional for me, but it did not have to stay on my nightstand since I got a new phone I don’t have to charge it every night now.  The alarm clock is necessary, since it goes off at 5am everyday!  The other item with the 2 swans is very special, as it was a wedding gift from my co-workers.  It says “two hearts beat as one,” and I just love it.  I started the process by removing everything, and I ended up with a look I really like.

Nightstand - After Pictures and new decor

I’ll admit…I removed the alarm clock for the pictures, because it looks better without it, but it still does sit on the corner of my nightstand.  I had the lamp in my décor supplies.  I bought it at a yard sale, originally for the shade, but I never ended up using it anywhere.

Nightstand - Vignette-glass tray-two hearts-books-plant

I added the plant for some color and life.  The plant, including the pot, was on clearance at Lowe’s for $4.  I picked it up when I went for the closet reorganization supplies.  I wanted to keep the swans on he nightstand, but they seemed lost.  Once I added the books, it seemed much more put together to me.  And, then I added the glass tray to finish it off.

Nightstand - after close-up of thrifted glass tray

I got the tray for 50 cents last month at Attic Treasures, which is a monthly thrift shop at a local church.  It was too pretty to pass up.  Plus, by adding the glass tray to my nightstand, it prevents me from piling other things on top of it. 🙂

Nightstand - After Pictures from Pennsylvania book close-up

For the wall décor, I also pulled from my stash of supplies I had.  The 3 frames and mats were sitting empty in the closet.  And, I also had this book:

Nightstand - Pennyslvania Book for Pictures

I had bought the book at a thrift store for $3.  It was cheap because the pages were loose.  I was glad they were loose because I only bought it to use the pictures from it.  I pulled out local pictures from around the Lancaster area and put them in the frames.  I think I would prefer the frames to be a different color, but I’m not sure what.  What color frame would you use?  I have some time to figure it out, because my preferred method for changing frames is to use spraypaint.  And, its definitely not warm enough to set up my spraypaint shop out in the backyard right now!

Nightstand - After

Overall, I’m really happy with the new look.  And, Bob gave it his approval when he returned from his trip too.  He thinks the frames should be a different color too, but we couldn’t decide on what.  Any suggestions?

Our Christmas House

Christmas - Puddy on porch with greenery in urns

Welcome to our Christmas House!  I’ve shared some pieces of projects around our house recently, but this is the complete tour of  our home at Christmastime with many pictures and few words. 

Christmas - Greens-magnolia-berries-urn-on-porch

I just stuff several types of greenery in the urns and added a few faux berries, but I think the real highlight are the magnolia branches in each pot.  This was the first year I’ve used them and I think it really adds to the overall composition.

Christmas - DIY Wreath on Door

The poinsettias are more burgundy than the picture shows, but you can get a pretty good idea of the overall look.

Christmas-Foyer table with tree and santa

Right inside the door, the foyer table is decorated with tree #1.  This tree is home to the more sentimental ornaments.

Christmas- Puddy with Tree with Red and Green Lights

I had a lot of difficulty getting a picture of our real tree lit, so I snapped this one of Puddy is his normal spot with the tree in the background.

Christmas-Real Tree in daylight

Same tree, just in daylight.

Christmas - Greens in Spraypainted vase-ornaments- wreath on mirror-foyer-tree-in-background

The living room coffee table, looking back to the foyer.

Christmas - Neutral Vignette with Santa trees and Nativity

A little vignette on the table in the odd corner of the living room.

Christmas-Ornaments in vase reflecting in mirror

Christmas - Fresh Greens lights and stockings on mantle

Christmas-Touches of Christmas in Powder Room

The powder room even has a little touch of Christmas.

Christmas - Craft Room Shelves

These are the shelves above my desk in my craft room.  They were the first part of the house to be decorated, since its one spot that is mainly just for me to enjoy.

Christmas - DIY Centerpieces-Sprayed Branches with snowflakes-poinsettias-and-candlesticks

I’m still using my spraypainted branches!  I just changed the vase filler and added some snowflakes.

Christmas - Ornaments in Glass on Buffet

I have quite a variety of ornaments, so they end up in any vessel I can find around the house.  These are on the buffet in our breakfast room.

Christmas -DIY Cork Board into Card Holder

This is my card display in our kitchen.  I used an old cork board and just wrapped fabric around it using staples to secure it on the back, and added Christmas roping secured with nail head trim on the front and staples on the back.  Above was with our first card that arrived.  Below, it is now overflowing with greetings from friends and family.

Christmas-DIY Card Holder full of cards

Christmas - Basement - Table and Side Table Decorated

Now, you are getting the tour of the basement decorations, starting with table and side table above.

Christmas - Basement Entertainment Center Shelves

The shelves get a whole new look for Christmas. 

Christmas-Basement Tree with Christmas Shelves and Angel

And, finally this is tree #3!  This tree has had two different looks this year.  It was decorated in pink for Keri’s baby shower, but I changed it to the blue decorations since then.  We’ve only had this tree for two Christmases, and I just love it.  It is so nice to be able to put it up early and leave it up for as long as we like.  I think it was up until February last year!

I hope you enjoyed the tour of our Christmas House.  Anyone else have three trees?  Do you decorate the whole house, or just certain rooms?

My FREE Corner Shelf

So, I teased before about the free corner shelf that I found when I was out yardsale shopping.  This is what it looked like the last time you saw it.

In order to keep it a free project, I had to use what I had in my supplies already.  Fortunately, I won a quart of Annie Sloan Chalk paint at the Haven Conference.  And, I also got a new Purdy brush in my swag bag at Haven too!

Chalk paint is great because you do not have to prime, so I was able to just get to work painting the shelf.  I did give it a quick sand just to make sure it was smooth and it had some grit to it for the paint to adhere.  I did my first coat with the brush, but unfortunately it had too many streaks for my liking.

Since it was all flat surfaces, I decided to use a little 4″ foam roller for my second coat.  It looked much better, and it was a faster process.  Bob ended up helping me out and he put a line of caulk down the back corner where the two upright boards met.  It helped it look more complete.  Then, I just shopped the house for items to put on the shelves, and this is the current look.

Puddy seems to think that anytime I get out the camera that he needs to be in the picture!  I do think he makes them look cuter though, and since the blog is named after him it only seems right to include him!!  I used random pictures that we had in other places in the house and also some that had been stored in the closet.  The bottom “picture” is just another piece of scrapbook paper in a frame.  The only new item is the clock on the wall, and I did have that I just hadn’t found a spot for it in the basement until we rearranged for the corner shelf.  The Fall picture on the wall was taken by one of Bob’s co-workers, so he gets artistic credit for that one.  It used to hang in our hallway upstairs, but after trying a few other pictures in that spot, Bob thought of that picture and said it would look better…and he was right!  I used some real pumpkins and some fake ones to complete the look for Fall.

Anyone else score some curbside freebies lately?  What did you do to give them a new life?

Storm Damage

I was so excited to have absolutely nothing planned last weekend.  I thought I finally would make progress on some of my projects that I have in process.  On Saturday, rain was expected in the afternoon, but it was a nice morning so I decided to go yard sale shopping while it was still nice.  I know that yard sale season is almost wrapping up around here, so I wanted to take advantage of a free Saturday morning to shop at my leisure.  I knew of a neighborhood sale, so I headed that way and found some other sales along the way.  I was doing pretty well and found some small items.  I even purchased a box of K’nex for my nephews, because after playing with them at the Science Factory they wanted to have some of their own, so I was told to be on the lookout at yardsales.  I found them a box of 325 pieces for $5.  I have yet to deliver it to them, but its in my car waiting for them the next time I seem them.  After I was done at the yardsales, I also stopped at one of my favorite consignment shops…the 75% off sign was out front, so I knew I could get some good deals on some new to me clothes.  After that, I went home and still no rain, so I managed to quickly get the yard mowed too.  When I was done, Bob was done his morning errands too, and we decided we could retreat to the basement and maybe squeeze in an afternoon nap.  We managed to doze off and were awakened by some terrible noises…sounded like our roof was getting ripped off!!

Bob ventured upstairs and I waited until he said it was clear to follow him.  By then the wind was dying down.  But, sadly the damage was done.  We knew it had to be bad, because our neighbor across the street was calling us.  The front of our house looked like this:

Unfortunately, we also  had damage at the back of the house too.  Our patio set was stacked up like a deck of cards.  Our glass table didn’t fare so well.  Our crape myrtle was lost as well.  The pretty tree that looked like this in the morning:

Now looked like this:

We spent the remainder of Saturday afternoon cleaning up glass and debris.  Our plans for a relaxing evening of grilling and sitting on the patio quickly changed to escaping the house for a dinner out.  Sunday, we spent several more hours cleaning up.  We removed the tree, as it was split completely into the ground and would not survive.  We also continued to pick up glass pieces from our patio table.  And, since we were in clean-up mode, we got a head start on some of our Fall shrubbery clean up. 

The storm was nasty, but I know it could have been much worse.  We were fortunate no one was hurt and it was only material things that were damaged.  But, it is still sad.  We really enjoy our patio and landscaping and its just not the same now.  We are working to get it back to a new normal….just waiting on the insurance adjuster to let us know how to proceed.  There were several homes in our neighborhood with similar damage, some worse, some not hit at all.  It was a crazy storm.   Anyone else experience storm damage recently?

I’m hoping that I will soon have a “normal” weekend so that I can get some projects done.  It is difficult to find enough time to even justify starting to work on them, when I know I won’t have time to finish.  But, it will soon be time to decorate for Fall, so I need to get moving.