Operation Garage Organization

If you follow Puddy’s House on Facebook, you already saw the picture below which shows how bad the one corner of our garage looked.  And, if you don’t follow along on Facebook, hop on over and like our page. 🙂 I plan to show more quick updates in real time at Puddy’s House on Facebook – I just gave a sneak peak of our new couch today.

Garage - Before right side

Over the winter, I was searching Pinterest for some inspiration, and I posted some of my finds here.  Our after pictures don’t quite look like the inspiration I found, but what the inspiration did help with was thinking through what would make sense for our garage and how it would be best organized for us.

Now, back to some before pictures of our garage.  It looked BAD!  We have a little bit of everything stored in there.  Fortunately, it is contained to around the perimeter because we do park both of our cars in the garage.

Garage - Before full right side

Garage - Before full left side

Garage - Before left side

So, we took stock of what needed organized and headed to Lowe’s to see what we could find.  I already had those 2 short shelves in the picture above – I had gotten them free from work and figured we could use at least one of them in the garage.  At Lowe’s we found a nice large shelf, 2′ x 4′, that we thought would help us out.  And, the bonus was it was on sale for $79.

Garage - new shelf with gardening sports etc organized

We got the shelf put together and then we had to find the best spot for it.  We moved the tool organizer from this spot and put the shelf in its place.  The large shelf ended up housing most of the junk that had just been laying around.   The empty propane tanks and gas cans live on the bottom shelf with some concrete mix, spouting and plant baskets.  The second shelf has primarily gardening supplies.  The third shelf up got some of the tools – the leaf blower, shop vac and extra tool box.  The fourth shelf up has sporting goods: golf balls, fishing rods, fishing boots, tennis balls, etc.  You can barely even see the real estate signs anymore; they are laying flat on the top shelf, which also houses the chain saw.  The shelf worked well for us and is rated for plenty of weight.

Garage after full left side

Not much else remains on the left side.  The bike is still there, but only because we couldn’t find a ceiling or wall mount for it at Lowe’s.  That is still on our to-do list, but for now it is not in the way.  We already had the hanging racks for the chairs, tennis rackets, hoses, and weed eater.  The other area that really got cleaned up on that side was the front.

Garage - cabinets firewood and golf clubs organized

We stacked the firewood better and created a bit of a separator so that we could store both of our sets of golf clubs on the metal shelf.  The spare folding tables got tucked between the cabinet and the wall.  All of this freed up the space around the wheelbarrow so that it is easily accessible when we need it.  I did some minor organizing inside the cabinets, but they were in pretty decent shape when we started.  We keep the car cleaning supplies, tiki supplies, tools, extension cords, saws, and other flammables in the large cabinet. The short cabinet has nails, screws, caulk, and painting supplies.

The other side of the garage had a decent amount of work and reorganization too.

Garage  - after full right side

The yard tool organizer moved to this side.  And, we used one of the freebie shelves to organize our variety of shoes, as well as some of my DIY supplies.  I keep spare boards, a drop cloth, sander, stripping supplies on these shelves now. Its nice to know where it is, and this is also so that the mouse outside can’t get to my drop cloth again.

Garage - after yard tools shoes and painting supplies

The ladders used to take up pretty much the whole wall, but when we thought about it, we realized we could hang them vertically and minimize the space they took up.  It was nice to tuck two of the ladders into the little useless corner by the side door.

Garage - after ladders reorganized

So, overall we only spent $79 and have an organized garage that Bob and I both are very pleased with the results.  We can both get in and out of our cars easily and we also know where everything is supposed to be stored now too.

Garage - after full garage organized

Is your garage organized?  What do you store in there?  Any good organization tips or tricks to share?

Garage Organization Inspiration

Sorry for the blogging hiatus.  Last week, Bob and I were enjoying the beautiful sunshine and beaches in Curacao.  We had a great time and I will have plenty of pictures and details of the island to share once I have time to finally look at all the pictures.  The rest of the time I was MIA was spent preparing to be away (at home and at work), and now trying to get caught up on everything since we returned.  It’s well worth it, but my house projects have just had to sit and wait!  Hopefully, this weekend I will get time to do some fun projects at home so that I can share.  In the meantime, I thought I’d share some garage organization inspiration pictures that I have found on Pinterest.

Since I organized our master bedroom closet, I’ve definitely caught the organization bug.  And, Bob realized how nice it is too.  So, he said we have to add organizing the garage to our to-do list.  I’m not going to do it while its cold.  But, I want to start getting ideas so I can get supplies and prepare to start once we get a nice Spring day.

At first I was drawn to just simple organization, plastic containers all stacked and neatly labeled.

Garage Organization Inspiration - Labeled plastic containers


Then, Pinterest got the best of me and I began to lust after creating a potting bench in the garage.  It started with more simple versions.

Garage Organization Inspiration - Shelves and Potting Bench

original source unknown

Garage Organization Inspiration -Table as Potting Bench

Marthastewart.com via Good Ideas for you

And, led up to a very feminine potting bench and workstation.

Garage Organization Inspiration - BHG Feminine Potting Table


I got back to reality and tried to focus on the items we have in our garage that will need organized, including a bike and golf bags. I really liked this system from The Container Store.

Garage Organization Inspiration - Shelving system with bike storage via women's day


This system from Rubbermaid has great practicality too.  We have a short section of a similar system, so we may be able to expand it.  Plus, we lost our tiki torches in the storm last Fall, but once we replace them, we will need good storage for them in the offseason.

Garage Organization Inspiration - Rubbermaid FastTrack Organization System


We have some cabinets in the garage, and we have a cart to store our firewood for the chimnea, but all of it does not look nearly as pretty as this space.

Garage Organization Inspiration - Cabinets and shelves


This makes me wish I had some old cabinets to repaint and put in the garage.

Garage Organization Inspiration - Cabinets and hanging shelves


Some more practical options:

Garage Organization Inspiration - Hanging Wire baskets and shelves


Garage Organization Inspiration - Painting and Tools hanging


Garage Organization Inspiration - Hanging glass jars


All of these inspiring photos are pinned to my Organization board on Pinterest.  Follow Puddy’s House on Pinterest, if you are not already.

I saw some 50 degree weather in the forecast, but I’m not quite ready for the garage project.  So, I have some more time to gather inspiration.  Is your garage organized?  Is it practical, pretty, or both?

This is the first I’ve linked to pictures from my Pinterest boards.  I did try to link to the original source in this post so that you can repin directly from the source.  I wasn’t able to find the one source, so if you know the origin, please let me know so that I can give proper credit.