Thrift Shopping Finds

I try to get out to go thrift shopping on a regular basis.  Some of my favorite places around Lancaster are:  Goodwill, Salvation Army, and then local places – Thrifty Elegance, Stock Swap, Charlie’s Used Furniture, and Attic Treasures, which is only once a month at a local church.  I haven’t had much luck with furniture lately, but I have gotten some good deals on accessories and other small finds.

Thrifty Elegance is a newer store, and I don’t think I have stopped in a single time that I didn’t buy something!  I bought this painting after debating the purchase several times that I stopped in.  I loved the colors and knew they would work in many places in my house, but I hated the frame and the picture and mat are not a standard size, so I wasn’t sure what I would do with it.  But, one day I finally caved, because for only $11.95, I figured I could spend a little money on it to make it what I wanted.

Thrift Shopping - new painting

This picture was before I did anything to it.  I started just with some spray paint to see if that would be enough to make me like the frame.  I’ll share the after pictures soon.  It just got a final coat of paint today.

On the same outing I bought some more pictures.  I haven’t found a spot for these three yet, but again the colors work well in our house.  I think all three were only $6.

Thrift Shopping - 3 wall canvases

I can’t remember if I bought the birdhouse in the same trip or not.  But, it was $5.  It’s pretty tall, and I like the natural texture to it.  I tried it in the foyer, but it didn’t go over well with Bob.  So, I’m still looking for the right spot in the house for the birdhouse too.

Thrift Shopping - Birdhouse

I know when I got the birdhouse, I also picked up this fake plant for $2.

Thrift Shopping - Fake Plant

We have tons of real plants, but it is too difficult to have real plants in the basement, so I need some more faux ones to add some “life” to the basement.  I plan to paint the pot for a new look.

Just last weekend, I picked up this beauty.  I couldn’t resist the branches and flowers, especially for only $4.  Again, its pretty large and it hasn’t found its spot in the house, but I’m sure it will soon.  I might even use some spray paint to give it a new look too.

Thrift Shopping - branch flower wall art

On another trip, I picked up these two vases, which were $4 for the pair.  I bought them in anticipation of changing the color scheme in the living room with the new sectional.

Thrift Shopping- new ceramic vases

I put them on the mantle today, and I’m really enjoying the nice pop of color in the room.

In early June, I went to Attic Treasures for the monthly sale.  I didn’t spend much, but came home with a few treasures.

Thrift Shopping - vases cutting mat and book

All of the glassware was 25 cents each.  I’ll give the green ones a coat of paint to really show off the texture.  The cutting mat was only 25 cents too, and it will come in handy in my scrapbooking supplies.  And, I couldn’t resist the upholstery book for 50 cents to help me try to figure out some of the more complicated upholstery jobs.

A few weekends ago, the Salvation Army was having 50% off the whole store.  I knew I needed a cart as soon as I saw the sign!

Thrift Shopping - scrapbook - paper holder  and wreath from salvation army

The plastic container is to hold scrapbooking paper.  It was $1.50.  The album is a Creative Memories scrapbook album.  The sale price was $2.  Someone had written on 2 of the pages, but since it is refillable, it is definitely worth it.  The wreath is quite crazy, but underneath all of that fabric is a white painted grapevine wreath for just $1.  I didn’t waste any time cutting off all the fabric as soon as I got it home.

Thrift Shopping - grapevine wreath uncovered

I’ll use it to create something new when I’m ready to change up my current Spring wreath that is still on our front door.

The purchase that I really was excited about the most was this bamboo tray table.

Thrift Shopping - bamboo tray table - price is right

It was half price too, so for $1.50, I got the perfect size table to put my laptop on while I’m sitting blogging.

Thrift Shopping - Bambo tray Table - use for laptop

I’ve used it regularly, like I am right now typing this.  It is nice that I can pull it out and sit on the couch to type, but can easily tuck it behind the door in my craft room to put it away.  I left it the natural color, which is a bit worn for now, not sure if I want to paint it or not.

Later this week, I will share the updates to some of my finds.  Anyone else have good luck thrift shopping lately?  Any yard sale finds?  Anyone local that has other thrift shops that I should check out?

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