Landscaping Style

Landscaping style can differ as much as decorating style.  With landscaping, there are two main styles of sculpted or natural. I definitely prefer a much more natural style, while Bob prefers more sculpted. So, we have had to compromise with our landscaping style.  It is something we regularly have to work on to achieve that balance to keep both of us happy with our landscaping.  But, I think our backyard really shows our compromised style.

Patio - view from the yard to the back of the house

It looks somewhat sculpted from a distance, but up close it is much more natural.

Patio - view from yard up close

And, these were spring pictures.  Some of the shrubbery grows like crazy, which I like.  But, it gets a bit out of hand from Bob’s perspective, so I end up trimming it mid-Summer to maintain the compromise.  I just trimmed the spirea – the ones beside the birdfeeder – last weekend.  We have agreed to let them bloom the first time and then trim them back before they bloom again.  It works to keep them from not taking over.  So, while I was doing the trimming I was really thinking of landscaping style.  I went searching on Pinterest for landscaping pictures to better illustrate the style differences.

Sculpted Landscapes

sculpted landscaping - f75a94a07d4e40c64c27513337e3438c


sculpted landscaping - c25778f6547adb3f1c60dcd2f11ddd9f


sculpted landscaping - 8d4d5f9367ae4034a22cbeba10dfb588


sculpted landscaping - 11249bd877fbfeeffee127f1d01e6567


sculpted landscaping - 6e13d6cf0be1329014a01f3a1fd9fad1


sculpted landscaping - b069a7e3295388c18ddf80f775281c48


Natural Landscapes

natural landscaping - ffeb5b78c234dc8ea89eb1708d090133


natural landscaping - 4351bcc0f01ec14423e0034075d0c77b


natural landscaping - 0259b53efb95286f5560844e935257ae


natural landscaping - 72cfa8afe8e0f9ff1d9b620c0e7d137d


natural landscaping - 997161855c5182e91882a574d8e0331c


natural landscaping - 96e103ffaa6e44c736c5ec31461e4ce7


natural landscaping  - fd696ed3df580ac2fcde469287ad956b


What is your landscaping style – sculpted, natural, or somewhere in between?

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