The Beauty of Curacao

Curacao - Curacao sign in Willemstad

I’m finally getting time to look at all of the pictures we took in Curacao….all 485 of them!  We are very lucky to have the opportunity to spend a week on the beautiful island of Curacao.  There is so many beautiful sights to share, so I think I will divide it up into a few posts.  First, I’m sharing some of the colorful homes, beautiful architecture, and beach décor.

The town of Willemstad is filled with streets of colorful buildings.  Below is the center of Rif Ford, with a fountain in the center square and lots of shopping.

Curacao - Rif Fort in Willemstad fountain square

This was one of the hotels and casinos.  We didn’t go in, we just enjoyed the beauty from outside.

Curacao - Blue and White hotel

Bob really liked the color of this bank.

Curacao - Banco di Caribe - blue and white

We took many pictures of all the buildings in a row, but this one shows the variety of colors.  I asked Bob what color he would choose if this was the style of home we had, and his choice was salmon and yellow.  I would choose coral and yellow….so I think we are close enough to pick colors we would both like to live with for our home.  Of course, we’d have to be living somewhere where that is the style.  A coral house would stick out a bit too much in Lancaster!

Curacao - Colorful homes in Willemstad

As we walked the streets, it wasn’t just the buildings that were colorful.  We also found this beautiful alley.  It was 3-dimensional, which made it even more unique.

Curacao - 3-D Wall with sunflowers and butterflies

The churches and cemeteries were works of art too.

Curacao - Church and cemetery

I enjoyed the décor around the hotel too.  It was amazing to see a lot of the trends I see on a regular basis on other blogs, like the driftwood mirror.

Curacao - Driftwood mirror in hotel hall

The coral wall décor was hanging in the open stairwell.

Curacao - coral wall decor

The most eye-catching was the enormous coral chandelier hanging in the lounge.

Curacao - Coral Chandelier

I’ll share more of Curacao soon, with some of nature’s beauty in the beaches and wildlife.  What color house would you choose?  What do you think of the beach décor?

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