DIY Baby Shower Favors

Since Christmas is over, I am trying to get back to some of the posts I promised before the craziness of the holidays!  I thought I should start with the DIY baby shower favors, before we are too far removed from Christmas since I made ornaments as the favors for the December baby shower. 

Baby Shower - Diaper Cake Snow Woman

I used simple supplies to make the ornament favors that were part of our table decoration, shown above.  I know Snow Woman is the star of the picture, but you can see about 5 different favors laying on the table in the picture too.

Baby Shower - DIY Favors - Ornaments-Scrapbook Paper-Mod Podge

I purchased the clear Martha Stewart ornaments at Michael’s.  I’m not sure how much they cost, but they were relatively inexpensive considering 6 ornaments were in each package.  The scrapbook  paper was a little 4×4 stack of double-sided Christmas paper, that feature plenty of pink to make it fit in with the rest of the baby shower decor. This was the first time I used Mod Podge!!  I bought the sparkle kind for this project, and I’m glad I did.  It just gave each ornament an extra little shine. 

Baby Shower - DIY Ornament Favors - Pink-Sparkle-Circle

For each ornament I just cut out the scrapbook paper while holding it against the plastic ornament.  I did find out that it was much easier to be precise with cutting than to try to trim after the mod podge was applied.  I applied the mod podge directly to the plastic ornament and then attached the scrapbook paper.  I did this for all the ornaments and laid them to dry.  After they were all dry, then I just applied a coat of the mod podge to the back of the paper.  Once all the ornaments were dry. I used an exacto knife to cut out the hole to hang the ornaments.  I have various Christmas ribbons on hand, so I just used what I had and attached a loop of ribbon and knotted it to hang.

Baby Shower Favors - DIY Ornaments-Green-diamond

The ornament favors were a simple fun craft that I enjoyed making.  Because of the double-sided paper, you can hang the ornament either way and it looks nice.  The first one is with the plastic in the front, and the one above is the side with the exposed paper.    I have learned my lesson and made plenty of extra so that I have several to keep and enjoy hanging on our tree, and I have them hanging both ways.

Baby Shower - DIY Ornament Favors- Teardrop with sparkle

What are your favorite favors that you made or received at a baby shower?  Any ideas for other ways to use the sparkle Mod Podge?  I have plenty left over, and I’m not quite sure what I make with it.


2 thoughts on “DIY Baby Shower Favors

  1. For the sparkle Mod Podge I have used it in the glass ball ornaments like you made …you can make them sparkle by doing a first round of sparkle ..Letting it dry (it should dry clear) next adding the color.
    Another type of ornament you can make is to take a styrofoam ball and cover it with Christmas fabric/ Material…use a few push pins for sewing to hold it down and then make it sparkle by covering it in the Mod Podge.
    I also have seen that some people make there own glitter Mod Podge by purchasing regular and adding their own glitter to it…

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