Natural and Faux Fall Decor

I already posted some of my Simple Fall Decorating here.  But, I didn’t stop there.  I added some more touches of Fall to our house, some compliments of nature, and some faux items that I picked up here and there.

Our porch is a combination of the two.  I filled my flowerpots with pumpkins and guords.  The guords were compliments of my sister’s garden, which I very much appreciated.  The wreath is one of my yard sale finds from a few years ago.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to hang the same old wreath again, but I also didn’t want to spend money on a whole new one.  So, I choose a few new picks at Jo-Ann Fabrics to give it a bit of an update.  I added the ones with the pine cones, sprays, and the red flower.  It was just enough for me to feel like it had been refreshed and good for another Fall season.

This vase is another combination – real pine cones and faux leaves that I picked up at Dollar Tree.  I’ve used real leaves in this same form in previous years, but they would always break apart too easily, so this year I bought the fake ones so that I could use them again and again.  I’ve had the same real pine cones for a few years now.  I just bag them up and pack them away, and they have stayed in good shape.

This is our decorations on the coffee table.  I keep it pretty simple, because our coffee table gets used.  I like to be able to easily push the tray out of the way.  I know some people are very opposed to fake flowers, but for Fall I liked being able to just pop them in the vase and keep them for the whole season.  The vase is another one of the vases that I picked up for free at a yard sale and then spraypainted. 

The see through green was transformed with a few coats of metallic gold spray paint. I think it really helps to bring out the texture in the vase.

The leaves in the crock is actually from my Mom’s house (just ignore the dog bone).  Mom chuckled as she said she decorated for Fall and pointed to the crock, but I thought it was a nice simple idea to add a touch of Fall to her house.  I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing with the world 🙂

I shared our Fall dining room table before, but I added the colorful gourds to each end to bring in some more nature.

How do you decorate for Fall?  Natural, Faux, or a combination?

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