Welcome to Puddy’s House

Bob and I began our search for our home in the Fall of 2007.  We both had our own single homes and decided it was time to take the leap and buy our home.  We did not search very long before we found our house, which was a spec house that was not quite finished. 

We put in an offer and it was accepted the next day.  We were fortunate that both of our homes sold in just over a month.  So, somehow in less than 90 days we ended up closing on all 3 homes in the same day, December 14, 2007.  In the meantime, we decided we just needed one more thing to do, so we also set a wedding date!  January 12, 2008, we welcomed our families into our home to celebrate our wedding in our living room.

It was several months after our wedding before we finally decided to add some paint to our plain white walls.  And at some point along the journey of adding color to the walls, albeit very neutral color, I also began trying to decorate our home. 

And, by decorating, I really mean doing lots of blog reading and trying to find ideas for what might work in our home.

Little did I know, about four years later I would decide to dip my toes into the world of blogging.  I really have to blame the wonderfully inspiring Haven Conference for giving me the final push to start a blog.

I came home from Haven energized and excited to share my DIY adventures with everyone who has inspired me along my journey and continues to provide inspiration and motivation on a daily basis.  So, welcome to Puddy’s House.  I hope you will pull up a comfy chair and make yourself at home.